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Benjamin Moore Sheen Levels

The shininess of a paint film is referred to as its sheen. It is a measure of how much light is reflected from the surface - the shinier the surface, the higher the % reflectance.

There are no particular standards in the UK paint industry for how to name sheen levels nor what % reflectance a particular name might refer to – each manufacturer has different names and reflectance levels for their paints.

Benjamin Moore paints offer 7 sheen levels for interior paints and 4 sheen levels for exterior paints.

Interior Paints

Sheen NameTypical % reflectanceProducts available in this sheen
Flat / Ultra Flat0-3% sheen at 85°Natura, Regal Select, Ultra Spec 500, Ceiling Paint
Matte3-10% sheen at 85°Aura, Regal Select, Advance, Ultra Spec Scuff-X
Eggshell12-20% sheen at 85°Aura, Chalkboard Paint, Regal Select, Ultra Spec 500, Ultra Spec Scuff-X
Pearl15-25% sheen at 60°Regal Select
Satin25-35% sheen at 60°Aura, Advance WB Alkyd, Ultra Spec Scuff-X
Semi-Gloss/ Gloss35-60% sheen at 60°Aura, Natura, Ultra Spec
High Gloss>85% sheen at 60°Advance WB Alkyd

Exterior Paints

Sheen Name% ReflectanceProducts available in this sheen
Flat 0-2% sheen at 85°Aura Exterior, Ultra Spec EXT
Low Lustre 12-20% sheen at 85°Aura Exterior
Satin25-35% sheen at 60°Aura Exterior, Aura Grand Entrance
High Gloss>85% sheen at 60°Advance WB Alkyd, Aura Grand Entrance

Glazes, Clear-coats and Wood Stains

Sheen Name % Reflectance Products available in this sheen
Flat max 5% @ 60° Stays Clear
Low Lustre 35-45 % @ 60° Stays Clear
Gloss 75+ @60° Stays Clear
Flat Arborcoat Semi-Solid, Arborcoat Semi-Transparent
Matte 0-6% @ 85° Arborcoat Solid
Semi-Gloss Studio Finishes Metallic Glaze

For shinier paints, the reflectance is measured by shining light at an angle of 60° to the paint surface. For flatter paints, the angle of measurement is 85°.

In a room, the amount of light falling on a surface will change how shiny it appears. So, shinier sheens will not appear as shiny in dimly lit rooms as in brightly lit rooms.

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