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A heightened colour experience
by Helen Shaw, Marketing Director, Benjamin Moore UK

Benjamin Moore Aura® Colour Stories® is a sophisticated collection of 240 shades, uniquely formulated to accentuate the interplay of light and colour, and to deliver a complex visual dynamic that reveals the colour's true depth, nuance and luminosity.

Aura Colour Stories is a collection for the colour curious; it's for those who appreciate the subjectivity of colour, and all the nuances and variations therein.

Each of the colours are designed to maximise the influence of the light in a room, highlighting subtle undertones and colour characteristics.

The approach to colour formulation is what makes these colours truly unique.
  • Firstly, the precise colour formulations omit black or grey colorants, resulting in a more nuanced approach to colour creation.
  • Secondly, unlike conventional colours which are formulated with around 2-3 pigments, Aura Colour Stories colours are achieved through mixing a blend of approximately 5-7 pigments, which results in greater subtly of undertones and a more complex visual dynamic.
Available exclusively in our Aura interior finishes ®a premium paint synonymous with unsurpassed surface smoothness and rich, true colour ® this colour collection offers a wide range of hues, from saturated and bold to soft pales and neutrals.

Discover some of the most popular shades in the Aura Colour Stories collection below.

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Cool Gray
Warm Gray
Earth Tones
Teal and duckegg
Yellow and gold
Red and orange
Cool Grey
Walls : Perspective CSP-5 and Arctic Seal CSP-15, Aura Matte
Walls : Arctic Seal CSP-15, Aura Eggshell.
Warm Grey
Sea Salt, CSP-95, Aura Matte
Earth tones
Taupe Fedora CSP-260. Image credit - Little Ball Life
Walls : Intuition CSP-610, Aura Eggshell. Cabinets : Rainstorm, CSP-50, Aura Satin.
Nile Blue, CSP-560, Aura Matte.
Teal and duckegg
Avalon Teal, CSP-645, Aura Eggshell.
Walls and woodwork : Hidden Sapphire CSP-690, Aura Eggshell.
Wall : Green Hydrangea, CSP-580, Aura Eggshell. Woodwork : Stoneware, CSP-245, Aura Satin.
Yellow and gold
Walls : Hannah Banana, CSP-955 and After Midnight, CSP-630, Aura Matte. Inset shelf : Porcini, CSP-195, Aura Eggshell.
Red and orange
Walls : Flamenco CSP-1195, Coachman's Cape CSP-90, Aura Matte, Woodwork : Stoneware CSP-245, Aura Satin.
Peruvian Chili, CSP-1100, Aura Eggshell.
Cascabel Chile, CSP-445, Aura Matte.
Door : Tomato Tango, CSP-1145, Aura Satin.
Flower Box, CSP-530, Aura Eggshell.
Walls : Plum Martini, CSP-540, Aura Eggshell. Woodwork : Stoneware, CSP-245, Aura Semi-Gloss.
Aura Colour Stories is available in all Aura interior finishes, including Aura Bath and Spa.
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